All our cleans are DEEP PROFESSIONAL CLEANS not GENERAL CLEANS You can do a General clean yourself! We use Professional Products with Professional Equipment!

We clean in the areas you can see and can’t see such as behind panels Roof ECT where the build-up and bad smells come from! (we do not use house hold products of any type) All our products are specially designed for our industry.


The price quoted is the price you Pay! CLICK HERE for oven types and guides.

We don’t charge you if your oven is more complicated or if you live in a Particular Postcode area! We believe in fairness.


All our technicians are fully qualified technicians with 5+ years’ experience in the industry, This is so we are 100% our technicians are fully confidant with every oven type with minimum risk!


All Technicians are fully insured and trained to complete all types of-

Oven – Grills – Hobs - Extractors/Hoods – Ranges – Agas - Microwaves - Combi-Microwaves -Washing Machines – Dishwashing Machines- Fridges – Freezers - BBQ 


We provide a service for domestic customers, as well as property landlords and letting agents.


In OUR price we clean the oven, racks, trays interior, exterior & inside the glass. We do not leave out parts of the oven unless it’s a possibility of causing damage.


We DO NOT charge you extras to clean the glass, racks or trays. 


Your home will be treated with the utmost courtesy & respect by ALL of our technicians.


We do find many people who take advantage of very cheap oven cleaning deals from people who do not specialise in this industry and specialise in general cleaning or carpet cleaning. With prices from £10-£20 these people are usually not fully trained or experienced in Professional Deep oven cleaning.

Please be careful as this could cost you more than you could expect in the long term, Such as damaged elements, thermostats, electrical faults, enamel staining from corrosive chemicals & not insured or even trained in the service they offer.


The prices we charge are not the cheapest in the area but are good value for money without overcharging (YOU) The customer. We work out costings on a regular basis and run good deals that work for everyone,


A good Professional service to keep everyone happy! Even people who are on a budget as we can all think of better things to spend money on these days.