AT TURNBRIGHT We sell industrial/professional strength quality cleaning products in 500ml and 750ml trigger bottles, 2ltr, 5ltr, 20/5ltr, 200ltr and 1000ltr quantities that really work and represent excellent value for money. 



We only sell chemically engineered products which we believe are comparable or better than products already on the market. All out products have never been tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients or derivatives of animals. We do not use suppliers who test on animals. 


 Quality Service

The quality and consistency of our commitment is to deliver a high level of cleaning products and service are matched by our excellent standards and professional approach by all our staff.


You can purchase any of our cleaning products on your cleaning appoitment all technicians stock these   

Multibuy options available

2 items for £15.00

3 items for £20.00

4 items for £25.00

Mould & Mildew Remover £9.99 

Our mould and milder remover will successfully remove 80-100% of all mould and mildew from any white good appliance. As seen on the image above.

This product also works great on Tiles, Shower curtains, Window frames and concrete paving.   


Mould and mildew works best with our cyclone cleaner 

            Cyclone cleaner             £9.99  

Our cyclone cleaner cleans all internal elements and cuts against lime scale and helps remove any unpleasant smells on your washing machine or dishwasher cycle.



This product works best with our mould and mildew remover!  



      Carbon Remover        £9.99

Our carbon remover is a very popular oven and hob cleaner with great results with very little effort. Our product is a simple spray on wipe off oven cleaner. 


            Degreaser           £9.99

Our degreaser is a great multipurpose cleaner for any hard surface that has any level of grease. Our degreaser it both colourless and odourless with great results. 


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